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Free Thinking

Posted on January 30, 2007, in Philosophy

I have 2 children, (almost) 6 and 4 years old, who have recently come under attack by the pawns of an elitist minority-led Christian organisation that is supported by our government and other elitist organisations. The sad part is that these so-called ‘pawns’ are unaware that indeed they are acting as pawns. The internalisation of the legitimacy of their ignorant stance has surpassed the point of conscious denial and is so prolific, that I very much doubt that this realisation will ever come to fruition. Despite this sad state of affairs, I must maintain the well-being of my children – at all costs – and this may require the absolute refusal to permit even the most remote hint of indoctrination of the purported filth to my children who are in no position to defend themselves against it. The persistence of the manipulators, and most importantly, those being manipulated, often requires quite a fervent and directed response from me – the protector of my children.

I am writing this post to address these people who are conducting these attacks, even though I know that it is probably futile, given their own lack of recognition of their actions. You may accuse me of “not giving my children a chance to make up their own mind” or blatantly disallowing established beliefs, despite their widespread proliferation. I accept these allegations, thank you for your (no doubt conscious) concern, but reject the legitimacy of the accusations, without further explanation. Unlike the religious establishment, free thinkers have absolutely no problem whatsoever shifting position in light of compelling evidence. My children are, and will be, free thinkers and your actions are detrimental to this objective. I withdraw any attempts to justify my position, not because I am arrogant or have some kind of personal conviction with my stance – simply, I do not wish to engage in your war. Call me Switzerland, call me a coward, call me whatever, heck, cast me to a furnace for eternity, but please don’t do it in front of my children. Please (oh please) understand.

Nevertheless, to express my dissent and fear for the well-being of my children is not the primary objective of this post. Instead, it is to express a common misnomer. Often times, I am accused of undermining the value of those who conduct blatant attacks with their irrational beliefs as human beings. Please be assured, I do not think less of you than another, even myself. You are an equal.

Some people don’t like pain – when they watch someone else smack their head on a tree, they cringe with empathy. In fact, if the poor victim could be warned of the impending danger somehow, I am sure that an empathetic person would make every effort to make it the case to prevent the infliction of pain. This is exactly my response to those who have been robbed of the ability to think critically. I have absolute, paramount sympathy for your position, well beyond that of any other position that I could possibly imagine – even extreme pain (I have had stitches in 23 separate sites on my body, including one amputation and one ‘sewing it back on’ – I have felt pain).

Please also be assured that my response to the attack of my children must take priority over the expression of this sympathy. My response may appear to be in complete contradiction to what I have just declared – but it is not the case universally. I must put aside my own self-indulgences in expressing sympathy when protecting my children – they are just so vulnerable and trusting.

Please, please understand, just for a brief moment even.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe …and they receive my sincere condolences for the loss of control of their own mind.