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IntelliJ IDEA whinge

Posted on September 26, 2008, in General, Programming

An update on IntelliJ IDEA + Scala utterly unusable

  1. Delete ~/.IntelliJIdea80 (oh well, I’m so used to specifying my settings over and over anyway).

  2. Start IntelliJ IDEA. Do not open a project

  3. Install the Scala plugin

  4. Open your project

  5. Observe not-useless usability

    1. There are still issues of not being able to open certain source folders (try it and see for yourself scalaz.control in Scalaz trunk)

    2. Other minor annoyances that needn’t be mentioned

I have repeated this twice on different machines (8823). Swapping steps 3 and 4 result in a rapid degeneration of usefulness to the point of absolute uselessness.

Thanks again for listening. I hope the usability trend reverses.