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Scala exercise with types and abstraction

Posted on January 9, 2011, in Programming

Write an API for playing tic-tac-toe. There should be no side-effects (or variables), at all, for real. The move function will take a game state, a Position and it will return a data type that you write yourself.

The following functions (at least) must be supported:

  1. move (as mentioned)

  2. whoseTurn (returns which player’s turn it is)

  3. whoWon (returns who won or if a draw)

  4. playerAt (returns which player, if any, is at a given position)

Importantly, the following must be true:

  1. It is a compile-time error to call move or whoseTurn on a game that has been completed

  2. It is a compile-time error to call whoWon on a game that has not been completed

  3. The playerAt function must be supported on both complete and in-play games

Good luck and may the types be with you.