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Third World Medicine

Posted on February 14, 2009, in Health

I’ve had two operations on my right ankle and both have failed to correctly diagnose and address the underlying symptomatic complaints that have existed for over 18 months. I am now aware of what the correct diagnosis is, verifiable with historical and radiographic evidence and repeatable symptomatic observations.

The surgeons are cautious given that I’ve already used up two of my available surgery cookie quota and hesitant to go again. This is despite having an exact pinpoint of where the problem is and published literature of what procedure is required. I simply have no rational explanation for this and, if it weren’t for my discomfort, it would leave me in awe.

The diagnosis is anteromedial osseous impingement of the right ankle visible on CT, verified by a radiologist and repeatable on dorsiflexion. This has come about from repeated trauma and in particular, a grade 3 inversion sprain in July 2007. I require a resection of this excess ossification.

I am asking (begging) my international audience for recommendations of a surgeon who is willing to perform this procedure as soon as possible in any part of the world. I suspect, only because I have no other explanation, that there is some bureaucratic restriction preventing me from making progress with surgeons here.

Suggestions please?