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Did you to have be so blunt?

Posted on September 23, 2008


My favourites:

In contrast, design patterns are purported “master programmer advice” strongly suggesting to young or otherwise impressionable programmers that the design patterns convey important concepts, practices, or principles that have been “prethought.” However, design patterns are not “master programmer advice!”

Far from “master programmers,” design patterns are the work of people who do conferences, talks, and books for a living, to further their own cause

And the clincher:

Design patterns are spoonfeed material for brainless programmers incapable of independent thought, who will be resolved to producing code as mediocre as the design patterns they use to create it.

I’m sure you knew you’d be standing on toes, despite the the overwhelmingly defensible truth value of your statements. Don’t adjust your sight Christer, it’s dead on target ;)