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Posted on February 24, 2007

I recently noted that I’d had stitches in 23 sites on my body – including, among other things, an amputation of my right-index finger. It was last Saturday (17 Feb 07) that I was training as usual at my squash club, when I was struck just above the eye by the end of my opponent’s swing, drawing lots of blood as you would expect with an elevated heart rate during squash and sending my opponent into mild shock at the sight of it (te he :)).

Anyway, my count still remains at 23 – why? Because the emergency department used glue! I suppose the injury was not large enough to warrant the use of sutures, but glue!? Who’d uv thunk?! It has healed perfectly and my first match in this weekend’s Charles Butcher Tournament starts in a couple of hours. Revenge is definitely on the agenda! Watch your back Brad :)