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Three and a half friggin years later

Posted on April 30, 2011

The result of:

  • The purchase and consumption of 31 medical text books on lower limb orthopaedics, neurology, neuro and spinal surgery and radiology.

  • Uncountable subscriptions to medical journals.

  • 18 MRIs, 4 CAT scans, 3 XRAY scans, 3 bone scans.

  • 12 surgical procedures; 8 to the lower limb, 3 to the lumbar spine. 1 (successfully) minor procedure performed by myself for a medical emergency for which acknowledgement was initially refused and later accepted after surgical extraction of foreign body.

  • 29 doctors

  • AU$130K (total estimated)

  • Having been misdiagnosed by a not-so-clever person named Dr Leigh Atkinson, including the suggestion that my chronic pain is “caused by the holy ghost.” Yes, seriously, he said this – while also in the room with a qualified medical professional (whom he called delusional in the same rant). He also claimed that I did not have Entrapment Neuropathy of SPN when I told him I strongly suspected it. I did – surgically verified by lower limb orthopaedic specialist (November 2009).

  • Having been repeatedly told for nearly two years by Dr Michael McEniery, who would threaten to sue me again if I was to call him incompetent or dangerous (even though this might be my genuinely held opinion based on substantiated fact and so he would lose) that I am obsessing about a minor condition, requiring no medical intervention, and that this obsession is because of the athletic demands of myself and my coach.

  • Having executed a partially-successful mission to demand immediate medical attention in March 2009 at significant expense.

I have successfully and single-handedly diagnosed:

  • Entrapment Neuropathy of the Superficial Peroneal Nerve, 10cm proximal to lateral malleolus (unilateral).

  • Foraminal Stenosis of the Fifth Lumbar (L5) Nerve Root (unilateral).

  • Spinal instability (Spondylolisthesis) at Fifth Lumbar (L5).

  • Withdrawal from morphine and oxycodone after immediate cessation.

These conditions were caused by a single acute sporting injury in July 2007. I have been treated for all.

L4,L5,S1 fusion 15 March 2011 L4,L5,S1 Image

PS: This is why I sometimes demonstrate low tolerance for stupidity and/or failure or refusal to entertain the possibility of thinking. People get hurt. No, I am not sorry.